Alex Jones British, b. 1987


I am primarily concerned with the juxtaposition of written and material language as visual construction methods within painting. Linguistic architecture is coupled with the dialect of formal structures. Im aiming for a kind of neutrality within a made image, language has a universal formula and its only what we attribute towards language that gives it meaning. My aim is to strip the language of that communicative purpose and use it as a building material.

The written language utilises syntax as a structural mechanism, I see these text arrangements as forms. The image conjured by the reading of the words is perfunctory, language is used as a system to place a form. The frame pieces come from the spaces between language, they are the pauses in speech.The work is a harmonious relationship of two languages, one linguistic and one material. The size and scale of composition have no reference, words have no sense of scale and can be any size. The blue frames become their own letter forms, a language with no translation.

What I find interesting is that the viewer takes the written language as a point of entry, they read it as some kind of statement or descriptive narrative within the work, however this is not the case. We attribute so much value to words and what they say and mean but they are just an arrangement of lines and marks that when solidified into a certain order, carry attributed meaning and significance. I am more interested in words not for what they say but how they sit.