Pius Fox GERMAN, b. 1983


Pius Fox moves between painting and drawing, between form and content, always on the verge of the non-objective. Compositions venture into various configurations of spatial expression created by the superimposition of layers of paint, while subject matter originates from the interior of his studio, windows, doors, curtains, facades - introspective in the atmosphere, yet formally looking outwards. Firmly rooted in modernism departing from constructivism and cubism, Fox branches out into more painterly styles reminiscent of Diebenkorn and Hockney while evolving his very personal language. 


Pius Fox graduated from UdK (University of the Arts) in Berlin with a BA under professor Frank Badur and a master's class under professor Pia Fries in 2010. The Berlin painter has had solo exhibitions in Paris, New York, London, and Berlin, and is featured in many international collections across Europe and the US. He currently lives and works in Germany.